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About the FHDA

The Fairfield Historic District Association is a grass-roots organization created by a small group of individuals who share a love of the Fairfield Historic District, an appreciation of its history, and a desire to breathe new life into the district as it begins its second century.

The FHDA is a not-for-profit corporation which aims to enhance the quality of life of those working and residing in its boundaries. Those who founded the Fairfield Historic District Association work to safeguard and preserve one of Shreveport’s oldest neighborhoods for one simple reason: an appreciation of the qualities that create a superior example of an early twentieth century neighborhood.

The blend of architectural styles includes Eclectic Revival, Queen Anne, Victorian, American Four Square and bungalows. This district offers an aesthetic appeal rarely found in the area. As Shreveport boomed in the early 1900’s, so did the Fairfield District, quickly becoming one of Shreveport’s most prosperous suburbs. The professional and cultural diversity so prominent in Shreveport in those years is clearly visible on the streets of the Fairfield Historic District today.

Featured Homes

912 Kings Hwy

This two and one half story brick and limestone mansion is the French Renaissance style

3101 Fairfield Ave

This two story brick Georgian Revival mansion has a green tile hip roof with two

2785 Fairfield Ave

ST. Mark’s Episcopal Church and Day School. The cruch is built to resemble an English